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As the new waiter of the evil bar The Right Shot, your job is to serve cocktails to the bar's customer. The bartender is bombarding you with colourful cocktails… Catch them, throw them: whatever it takes to serve them quickly!

Will you manage to serve enough cocktails to become Employee of the Month?

  • In this fast action-arcade game, catch cocktails and serve them to the right table!
  • Serve cocktails as fast as possible, as many as possible, carry several at the same time but don't drop them. Dash to throw or pick up cocktails and get a bonus score!
  • Face four distinct levels with different challenges to overcome. Finish levels with at least one star to unlock the next level.
  • Complete the golden VIP customer's orders to trigger the Happy Hour frenzy!
  • Avoid rats, frozen cocktails, beware of hot bombs, and survive the Bartender Berserk mode!

Controller highly recommended

Rainbow Cocktails

Rainbow cocktails can be served at any table, regardless of colour. However, be careful not to drop them on the ground or they will break!

VIP Customer

Complete all three of the VIP Customer’s orders to start the Happy Hour! During the Happy Hour, customers appear with higher values and the barman gives more cocktails, allowing you to score even more.


Beware of the bombs! A bomb exploding on a cocktail, an ice patch or an infected customer, will destroy it, and throwing it back at the barman will anger him and cause him to enter its berserk mode. Don’t let it explode on you or you will lose time!

Berserk Mode

The barman starts throwing several cocktails in an attempt to overwhelm you, this is a chance to prove your worth by successfully delivering them to a customer and scoring even more!

Frozen Cocktails

Unique to the third level, frozen cocktails become a slippery ice patch when dropped on the ground. Serve them to a customer to temporarily freeze him and accumulate combos.


During the last level, rats will attack customers! Customers infected with rats take damage which occasionally removes time from the timer. Dash on them to get rid of them and get a bonus score!

The Right Shot was made during a five-month internship at The Game Bakers by Maya Hill, Leelou Puech and Louise Jandot Dit Danjou.
A big thank you to our mentors at The Game Bakers for overseeing this project and supporting us until the end!

Game design & level design : Maya Hill, Leelou Puech

and Louise Jandot Dit Danjou

Dev : Maya Hill

Art : Louise Jandot Dit Danjou

Musical credits

Main theme : Royalty free music from www.bensound.com                                  (Composer: Benjamin Tissot)                                               

Happy hour theme : Musique par https://www.musicincloud.com

SFX under Attribution 3.0 Unported Licence (CC BY 3.0) by:

original_sound , davethetech , Hawkeye_Sprout , Glaneur de sons , EminYILDIRIM

We have chosen to use the "Pay what you want" monetization system, all the profits will be donated to the "Secours Populaire" association.

This association offers people who are victim of social injustice, poverty, hunger and armed conflicts a second chance.

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
AuthorGame Bakers
Made withUnity, Maya
Tags3D, Arcade, Colorful, Cute, Feel Good, gamepad, High Score, Physics, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)


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I had a lot of fun playing this! I had a lot of difficulty my first run but I could for sure see myself getting pretty good pretty quickly! 10/10 https://youtu.be/rK-0jxOlIXs

I really enjoyed this, it reminded me of the days when I played diner dash. I would definitely love to see more of this! 

A really fun and addictive serving game. I'm still working my way through the mechanics, but I'm still playing it on my channel!

This is a "thus far" review as I only made it to level 3 in my first play of it.

The mechics are tough but fair, and I'm still learning little tricks like how to kick up an order that's hit the ground. Also now that I've taken a look at the page (I prefer to start with blind plays, makes it more fun for me coming in) the hot dogs have quite a bit more use than I gave them credit for! I can't wait to try kicking them back at the bartender!

I'll probably add more as I play, but I will say I did previously work at a bar so I'll say this is pretty close to accurate ;)

Check 3:25!!!!!!!!!

very cool game,im bad at it


the right shot? MORE LIKE THE [BIG SHOT]


[[hyperlink blocked]]


(1 edit) (+1)

Cool art! I like the corner of the sleeping cat :P

very cool not smol game

you're right


Are you selling source code


my customers got eaten by rats and then we had a new years party 10/10 would attend this party again  (in all seriousness, devs you did an amazing job. game runs really smooth, works like a charm with a controller, art style is sinisterly cute, and the gameplay itself got my blood pumping with rage) happy new year!

This game is epic.

is this 32 bit?

I really enjoyed this game! It's a lot of fun! The controls feel nice! And it's all over hectic but not to the point of it being super stressful and unmanagable! Thank you for making a really fun game! I can't wait to see more of your stuff!

A little about myself! I'm Yung MuShu! I'm a content creator on YouTube with a primary focus on EVERYTHING Indie and Itch.io! I feel like there are a lot of gems to come out of Itch.io and I want to share them with everyone!

Is there a way to play this on windows?? If there is, I don't think it's working :((

Really fun game. I enjoyed it a lot.

well put together game

Very cool concept and very polished!

(1 edit)

Nice and colorful. Play in browser would be a great addition :P Demo, at least

Does it work on windows 7 32 bi


is there a way to claim the game? i can't download it at the moment

Neat game! I like the hectic gameplay a lot. Each level after the 1st presents a good twist to the formula. The scoring system adds a good amount of replayability. Although delivering the drinks can be a bit unreliable, there is a sort of mastery of the controls and gameplay that the player can learn to become better at the game. Visually the game looks great and the character designs are simple but cute and charming.

My only feedback would be: It would be nice if you could let players launch the game through the itch.io app!

Overall, fun time! Great work on this! 

for whatever reason I'm not able to install it on the itch launcher, but i will come back to play this though the direct download if it works, this game looks adorable and I cant wait to play it

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nice game but think need balanced .




Signature move, perfection execution, 10/10 !


This is so CUUUUTE!